Nestle’ – What does this mean for Starbucks?

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It’s been in all the news lately.  Starbucks and Nestle are coming together.  Starbucks has agreed to let Nestle’ sell its products and have accepted a hefty $7.2billion from Nestle’.  (Apparently, the general public is “bored” with Nescafe’….) This agreement is only for Starbucks pre-packaged products and only for products sold at independent stores.  (i.e. not a Starbucks store.) This agreement does not affect the Starbucks stores which make perfect espressos, cappuccinos, and teas.  And, it will need to be approved by regulators, and that won’t happen until late in the summer.

How do you feel about this?  Well, Twitter is all “atwitter”!  Here’s just a sample:

Starbucks Nestle agreement starbucks nestle agreement starbucks nestle agreement

starbucks nestle agreement

I don’t know about you, but I have been boycotting Nestle for decades.  When I first found out about their baby formula situation in Africa, I was heartbroken and knew that I would have to find another source of chocolate chips.  (They gave free baby formula to impoverished areas of Africa.  The women then used filthy water to mix the formula and many, many of their babies became very sick.)  In the past few years, Nestle has started taking water and bottling it (in plastic!) from areas already prone to drought.  Because of this, they have fallen even further in my opinion. (Take a look at what they are doing in the headwaters of the Arkansas River in Central Colorado.  Colorado is already pretty dry, and honestly, we’re going to need that water for fighting fires!)

There’s nothing for me to do, but to start boycotting Starbucks as well.  So, here’s my question.  Do you know of any great coffee shops just off of I80 and I90?  I know of one in the middle of Iowa, but that is it!  I’m thinking I will need to find a different string of coffee shops for my next cross-country road trip!  Please comment below with your favorite.

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