Whether you’re looking for the best Mugs, an amazing French Press, or a simple drip machine, we got some recommendations! (In the interest of full disclosure, we may get a small commission if you purchase any of these items.)

My favorite travel mug.  I’ve had this mug for about 25 years.  When I first got it, I brought it to an engraver who put my name on it.  That’s helped in the very few times I’ve left it behind.  It keeps my coffee hot for hours.  I love this one!

Thermos Stainless King Leak Proof Travel Mug SK1000MBTRI4
This is my favorite French Press.  My family and I use it every single day.

8-Cup Bodum Chambord French Press: Black by World Market

You can’t make great coffee with average water.  Reverse Osmosis is a good option, but until we can afford to install that, we use a handy Britta water filter:

BRITA-PITCHER 30 Gallon Water Filter